Mower City Albury | Our top mowing tips for a beautiful lawn.

Our Top Mowing Tips

Is there anything more satisfying than looking over a perfectly cared-for, lush green lawn? Whether you started from seed or roll on, caring for your lawn is a satisfying task and here we share our top tips for keeping your lawn clipped and cared for.

Sharp Blades for Good Growth

When mowing, be sure to use a sharp blade as dull blades can damage your grass. Regularly check the blades for wear and tear. Mower City Albury carries a comprehensive range of replacement blades.

Also, try to avoid mowing wet grass as this creates the problem of wet grass clippings sticking to the underside of the cutting deck and clogging up your mower.

Maintain Your Mower

A mower is a machine that needs care and regular maintenance. A regularly serviced mower will not only increase the life span of your product but will ensure a clean, quality cut. Always follow manufacturer cleaning instructions and be sure to reach out to your local experts for servicing.

Mowing Patterns Matter

Be sure to switch up your mowing direction to help to encourage the individual blades to grow straight, which in turn provides more space for new blades to grow. For more on mowing patterns and their benefits, and to switch up your mowing style.

Choose Your Mower Well

When it comes to lawn care, having a good lawnmower is essential. Here at Mower City Albury, we are selective about which brands we stock and whether you prefer ride-on, zero-turn, fuel, battery-powered or electric, we have you covered. 

Check out our Cub Cadet range today. 

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