Mower City Albury - the benefits of a healthy lawn and how to care for it.

The benefits of a healthy lawn and how to care for it

If you want a beautiful, healthy lawn, proper care is essential. Fortunately, lawn care isn't difficult or time-consuming if you follow some basic guidelines.

Benefits of a Healthy Lawn

Not only is a healthy lawn aesthetically pleasing, but staying on top of healthy growth and limiting water runoff and pest damage is also eco-friendly, prevents soil erosion and means you are less reliant on pesticides and fertilisers. Did you know that lawns create oxygen and act as natural air conditioners? Just like any other plant, lawns sequester carbon and produce oxygen. While not always thought of this way, lawns are a collection of thousands of oxygen-making plants, which makes them a benefit to the environment.

Tips for a healthy lawn
  1. Nutritious Soil
  2. Plenty of Water
  3. Adequate Sunlight
  4. Good Fertiliser
  5. Regular Mowing

How and when to water your lawn

We recommend setting your sprinkler or irrigation system to run for about 20 - 30 minutes in the early morning or after dusk and always avoid watering in the heat of the day. Watering is important for keeping your lawn healthy, but you don't want to overdo it as too much water can promote disease. If you are unsure, a soil tester or soil testing kit is a great option to measure moisture and PH balance.

The best time to fertilise your lawn

Once your lawn is established, you'll want to mow and rake before fertilising, so that excess lawn length and grass clippings are removed so that the fertiliser will have an easier time reaching the soil. Aerating your soil before fertilising can also help; the best times to aerate are when your grass is actively growing, such as in spring or early autumn. Fertilising your lawn once or twice a year will help it stay green and lush but always be sure to use a fertiliser appropriate for your grass type. 

Mowing your lawn

Your lawn should be mowed regularly to keep it looking neat and tidy. When it comes to lawn care, having a good lawnmower is essential.

Our preference for a perfectly manicured lawn this spring, summer and beyond is the Stihl RMA 460 V. This self-propelled battery-powered lawnmower is compatible with the AK 20 or AK 30 battery, providing homeowners with performance options based on garden size. With a deck width of 18”/46cm, the RMA 460 V is highly manoeuvrable for quick and efficient grass-cutting with each pass.

Ready to grow & mow?

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