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Stein Throwline Dyneema - 1.8mm Yellow

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Stein Throwline Dyneema - 1.8mm Yellow

The STEIN throwline is manufactured from UHMwPE which stands for Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene otherwise known as Dyneema.

The 1.8mm Stein Throwline in Vibrant Yellow is a lightweight skyline, offering exceptional abrasion resistance and visibility. The breaking strength is 350kg


  • Lightweight 8-strand flat construction for precise throws and knot avoidance
  • Excellent sheath-core bond maintains a round cross-section for smooth rope glide
  • Spliced eye: No
  • Standard: Not PPE
  • Construction: 8-strand single
  • Material: UHMwPE (Dyneema)
  • Spliceability: Yes

Stein Skyline throwline is engineered to store neatly and deploy smoothly, reducing nesting issues associated with inferior lines. Sold in 50-meter rolls (160 feet), it's your go-to choice for tree care and arborist applications.

Also available in 1.5mm (Pink) and 2.2mm (Orange) sizes with average breaking strengths ranging from 250kg to 450kg

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