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Silky Pocket Boy Folding Saw 130mm

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Silky Pocket Boy Folding Saw 130mm

The Pocket Boy range is affectionately dubbed the Little Giant as it is often used for jobs that a much bigger saw would be used for.

Pocket Boys are available in different tooth sizes, blade lengths, and handle colours. The handle colour is matched to the tooth size. 

Red = large tooth 
Black = medium tooth
Blue = fine-tooth
Purple extra fine tooth.  

Pocket Boys are supplied in a perspex carry case that can be clipped to the belt or utilise the hole in the handle for a carabiner clip.

These saws are interchangeable with all Pocket Boy blades, so many people will order one saw and a couple of different replacement blades so that they have lots of jobs covered. Originally designed with the Army in mind, these saws are strong and capable.  Whether you need a saw for general pruning, camping or woodworking, there will be a Pocket Boy that is perfect for the task. 

The Pocket Boy saws have two settings on the blade. The first is a standard saw blade angle, the second has the blade pointing into the air. This angle allows you to cut to a flat surface or enables you to have the handle away from branches that are slowing and inconveniencing your cutting. 

The handles are made out of a special rubber designed by Silky Japan.  It absorbs a lot of the vibrations you get when cutting, and you'll still have a great grip even if your hands are damp. 

  • Blade Length:  13 cm.  Other blades lengths available including 17 cm
  • Blade Kerf: 0.8, 0.9, 1.1 mm
  • Blade Tooth Size: Extra Fine, Fine, Large, Medium 
  • Teeth Type: Non-sharpenable impulse hardened teeth
  • Teeth per 30 mm: 8-26
  • Blade Shape: Curved Blade, Straight Blade