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The Notch Big Shot Kit (Complete)

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The Notch Big Shot Kit (Complete)

The Notch Big Shot kit is your ticket to precision in arborist work. Crafted for launching throw weights with exceptional accuracy, it's a game-changer for setting up friction savers or climbing lines. Achieve vertical distances of over 100 feet with remarkable accuracy.

Notch Big Shot Kit includes:

  • 1 Big Shot Head
  • 1x 4' Fiberglass Base-pole (female coupling)
  • 1x 4' Fiberglass Mid-pole (male and female coupling)

The Notch Big Shot kit revolutionizes throwline use, offering a simple, accurate, and effective means to propel your throw weight to new heights. Its variable thrust force minimizes over-shooting of low to mid-range targets, while its lightweight design ensures easy handling.

The advanced launch pouch reduces in-air projectile rotation by 50%, delivering unparalleled precision. Whether you're threading the needle through dense canopies or launching throw weights up to 150 vertical feet, the Notch Big Shot is the go-to tool for arborists worldwide.


  • Precision Launch: Achieve vertical distances of over 100 feet with remarkable accuracy.
  • Fiberglass Poles: Lightweight, durable poles with 25% greater wall thickness for rigidity. Bright orange colour ensures easy visibility.
  • Trigger Option: Enhance ease of release by adding a trigger to your kit.

Upgrade your throwline game with the Notch Big Shot and experience unmatched accuracy, consistency, and efficiency in your tree-climbing endeavours. (Carry bag not included)