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ISC Rope Wrench Double Twin Leg Tether 30cm

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ISC Rope Wrench Double Twin Leg Tether 30cm

The ISC Rope Wrench Double Twin Leg Tether has two attachment legs, which allow the tether to straddle a cranked hitch-minding pulley. 

The top attachment is fitted with a rubber grommet, which prevents excessive 'sit back' of the Rope Wrench, which means that the Rope Wrench can be correctly positioned for minimal friction during ascent, but will engage quickly on the rope during descent.

Introducing the Twin Leg Tether, a versatile accessory designed for optimal performance during climbing activities. With two attachment legs, this tether easily straddles a cranked hitch-minding pulley, enhancing stability and efficiency.

Equipped with a rubber grommet on the top attachment, the Twin Leg Tether minimizes the 'sit back' of the Rope Wrench, ensuring precise positioning for reduced friction during ascent while enabling quick engagement on the descent.

Crafted from 100% Technora cord, this tether boasts exceptional strength, rigidity, and abrasion resistance. Its contrasting grey stitching and transparent cover facilitate visual inspection, ensuring reliability and safety.

Technical Specifications:

  • Minimum Breaking Strength (kN): 24
  • Minimum Breaking Strength (lbf): 5400
  • ANSI Compliant: Yes
  • Serial Numbering: Yes
  • Height: 315mm (12 13/32 inches)

Approved Standards:

  • Compliant with the KT282 CE PPE Regulation certified system
  • ANSI Z133

Notes: Compatible with all Rope Wrench models, offering versatility and compatibility for various climbing setups. The stiff tether by ISC is vital when using a rope wrench. This allows the wrench to be held in place to create friction on the climbing line. Available now at Mower City Albury.