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DMM Ultra O Locksafe Karabiner

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DMM Ultra O Locksafe Karabiner

Introducing the DMM Ultra O Locksafe Karabiner, the ultimate all-round connector for your climbing needs. Its symmetrical oval shape makes multiple connections easier, while its round basket ensures self-centering under load.

The patented Taperlock closing mechanism prevents snags, ensuring a secure connection every time. With an auto-locking gate that requires three distinct actions to open, it's perfect for tree care, rope access work, fall arrest, and pre-rigged rescue systems.


  • Symmetrical Oval Shape: Ideal for multiple connections, popular in rope access and tree care situations.
  • Self-Centering Design: Ensures connections self-center under load for added stability and ease of use.
  • Taperlock Closing Mechanism: Prevents snags and ensures a secure connection.
  • Auto-Locking Gate: Requires three actions to open, providing added safety during climbs.
  • Versatile Applications: Perfect for pulleys, swivels, shackles, and assisted-breaking devices.


Dimensions 63 x 109mm
Weight 74g
MBS (Major Axis) 25kN
MBS (Minor Axis) 12kN
MBS (Gate Open) 7kN
Gate Opening 19mm
Certification EN 362:2004 B, EN 12275:2013 B, UIAA121:2009

Experience the reliability and versatility of the DMM Ultra O Locksafe, available now at Mower City Albury.