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ART RopeGuide 2010 Basic Link

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ART RopeGuide 2010 Basic Link

ART's patented friction saver concept is embodied in the RopeGuide, renowned for its smooth rope work and cambium protection. The RopeGuide 2010 Basic Link combines proven features with cutting-edge research, offering a lightweight design, increased load capacity, and enhanced safety.

The innovative ring design, weighing just half of a traditional solid ring, ensures stability and safety. With a tube-shaped design, the rope is protected within the ring, enhancing both breaking strength and safety. Elevate your climbing experience with the ART RopeGuide Basic Link 2010, the epitome of excellence in arborist equipment.

Key Features:

  • Integrated Zip-Absorber-1 for shock absorption
  • Continuously Adjustable Length for versatile climbing conditions
  • Compatibility with Doublesnapper-3 for enhanced functionality
  • Easy 'Lifting' of Pulley for effortless ascents
  • Optimised 'Choking' Mode for secure gripping
  • Automatic Blocking for reliable locking under heavy loads
  • Top Safety and Loading Capacity with a tunnel-shaped ring and rope combination
  • Optimised Retrieving of Ring for smooth retrieval
  • Optimised Releasing of False Crutch for easy disengagement
  • Low Kink Friction Saver for excellent width and abrasion resistance
  • 8mm polyamide rope

Crafted with precision engineering and state-of-the-art technology, the ART RopeGuide Basic Link 2010 sets the standard for arborist equipment. Experience the difference at Mower City Albury, your premiere destination for high-quality climbing gear.