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Arbsession Caralink V2 Rope Wrench Tether

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Arbsession Caralink V2 Rope Wrench Tether

Introducing the Innovative CaraLink V2 Rope Wrench Tether

Introducing the Arbsession caraLINK v2 Rope Wrench Tether, a game-changer in climbing gear innovation. Seamlessly crafted by the Arbsession Splicing Team, this tether redefines reliability and convenience in your climbing system.

Designed with precision, the tether's unique construction reduces bulk at the carabiner's top, optimising gate opening for effortless installation on top-tier climbing gear like the DMM Triple Attachment Pulley or DMM Hitch Climber Eccentric.

Crafted from high-quality Edelrid Powerloc Expert SP 6mm, this tether ensures unparalleled durability and performance. Say goodbye to the stiffness of traditional tethers as the streamlined design of the caraLINK v2 eliminates squishing at the top of the carabiner, providing unparalleled ease and efficiency in your climbing experience.

Available in both 12-inch and 8.5-inch options to suit your climbing needs.


  • Crafted from durable Edelrid Powerloc Expert SP 6mm
  • Reduces bulk at the hitch cord attachment carabiner, preventing squishing of hitch cord and stiff tether
  • Single leg design runs along the outside of the carabiner's spine, minimising leverage at the top
  • Offers a streamlined system for enhanced climbing performance

Experience the excellence of the CaraLink V2 Rope Wrench Tether. This innovative tool streamlines arborist work and provides incomparable assistance when it comes to climbing tasks. It is designed for flexibility, efficiency, and most importantly, safety.

High-quality and reliable, the CaraLink V2 Rope Wrench Tether offers a superior level of control when conducting tree access and canopy movement. Its unique design allows for a smooth interaction between the tree and the climber, providing a safer and more efficient arborist experience.

The CaraLink V2 Rope Wrench Tether is not just a tool, but a revolutionary stepping stone in the arborist field. With this equipment in hand, tough tasks turn simple, less time-consuming, and a whole lot safer. Its advantage goes beyond making work easier, it also greatly enhances workers' productivity and performance. Truly, the CaraLink V2 is an essential tool that every arborist must have.