Mower City Albury - STIHL Battery-Powered Equipment

Revolutionising Gardens: STIHL's Cutting-Edge Battery-Powered Tools at Mower City Albury

It's incredible to witness the surge in the popularity of battery-powered garden tools now found in sheds across Australia. STIHL's outdoor battery-powered equipment range is expanding, offering a robust solution for small, medium, and larger gardens with the powerful AK battery system. With 15 impressive 36V tools designed for home users, STIHL ensures a punch for every garden task.

Why Choose STIHL's Battery Power?

  1. Easy Push-Button Starting
  2. Low Weight, High Power
  3. Zero Emissions
  4. Quiet Operation

STIHL's range is continually growing, providing tools that assist budding gardeners with various tasks. The RMA 460 lawn mower and its self-propelled alternative, the RMA 460 V, offer a 46cm cutting width, seven height settings, and a 50L tear-resistant mesh catcher. The dual battery slot ensures extended coverage on a single outing.

Mower City Albury - STIHL Battery-Powered Equipment

Choose from two grass trimmers in the STIHL AK battery system – the FSA 57 and the FSA 60 R. Both models are light and well-balanced with adjustable shaft lengths for added comfort. The innovative wire spacer guard allows precise trimming around fences, trees, and play equipment without causing damage.

For blowers, the new BGA 60 is a well-balanced machine designed for energy preservation and extended battery run time. The adjustable blowing tube caters to your height, and a metal ring at the nozzle's end prevents wear-on-ground contact.

Mower City Albury - STIHL Battery-Powered Equipment

Gardening enthusiasts can now tidy leaves and debris effortlessly with the SHA 56. Functioning as a blower and a vacuum shredder, this versatile tool simplifies leaf management, allowing you to collect and shred garden waste for compost.

Mower City Albury - STIHL Battery Powered Equipment

The new HSA 60 is perfect for hedge trimming, offering innovative features for light, easy, and enjoyable work.

 Contact the Mower City Albury team or visit our store to explore the extensive range of STIHL battery-powered equipment. Make your garden experience efficient, quiet, and eco-friendly with STIHL's innovative tools.

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