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ARCHIVED | Rev up for Winter 2023!

It’s officially Winter! And, while it might feel a little cool out there, it’s actually an excellent time to be out in the garden. Working outdoors is less physically demanding during the cooler months. Soils are moist, and there’s plenty you can be doing to prepare your garden for cooler weather and the next change in season, Spring. Here are some winter gardening tips to keep your garden happy and healthy.


It’s a good idea to clean up any Autumn leaves lingering around your garden as they can become slippery when wet which can be quite hazardous. They’re can also be detrimental to your lawn and also smother small plants by blocking sunlight and other nutrients from penetrating the roots.


Frost is something to be mindful of when adding new plants to your garden. While Winter isn’t the most ideal time for planting most species, if you have plans to introduce new plants in the Spring or Autumn, the next few months will be a great opportunity to get to know your garden and learn which areas are more prone to or protected from frost.


Winter is rose pruning time and should be done at the start of the season for the best results. Doing this will reduce the risk of disease, facilitate air circulation and also expose the full plant to any sun breaks experienced during the cooler months. By removing existing buds from your rose bushes, you’ll allow your plant to preserve its energy and start preparing for new growth in spring.

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